Something Old, Something New: Incorporating Your Family’s Traditions in Your Wedding

You’ve undoubtedly heard it said that when you get married, you are not only marrying your husband, but his whole family. Like most brides-to-be, you’re probably wondering how you will handle balancing the expectations of your family, your husband-to-be’s family, and your own brand-new family as you enter your marriage. Sometimes, weddings themselves are fertile territory for fielding expectations, particularly when it comes to those of your own parents and your soon-to-be in-laws. Here are some tips on incorporating traditions from both sides of the family as you approach your special day. Involve Both Mothers If you are lucky enough to have a close relationship with your mom, it’s only natural that you would approach her for suggestions on your wedding dress, the flowers, how your hair should be styled, and especially tips on having a happy marriage once the knot is tied. If your fiancĂ©’s mom wants to be involved in these decisions, too, try to let her in. Sure, she might have a different style than the one you’re accustomed to, but keep in mind that she has Continue Reading →

Teenagers And Adoption: Get Answers To Questions You May Have As A Pregnant Teen

If you are pregnant, and are not yet 18-years-old, you may wonder what rights you legally have. In most cases, a teenager can’t enter into a legally binding contract, which may make you question whether you are able to give your child up for adoption or decide upon adoptive parents. Here are a few of the questions you may have if you find yourself pregnant as a teenager. Can a Teenager Enter Into a Contract to Give Their Child Up For Adoption? While you typically must be 18 or older to enter into a legally binding contract, teenagers under 18 can enter into a contract to give their baby up for adoption as long as they have the mental capacity to do so and do so under their own free will. You do not need parental consent to enter into this contract, nor do you need legal counsel. However, as long as you are not emancipated from your parents, the courts do have to notify your parents or legal guardians about any legal hearings in regards to the adoption. This Continue Reading →